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The MSRC's simulator is equipped with detailed, automated data capture tools that facilitate the assessment of simulation outcomes, and support the production of empirical findings both in numeric and graphical form.

For port development projects this can be used in a number of ways. Initial simulator predictions and their tabulated results can support the basis for preliminary conceptual and policy design, and the preparation of basic operational frameworks. Information gathered from live trials or initial project implementation can then be used to further refine simulator outputs.

These refined computer models can then be used to deliver advanced training for the new port's routine operational and emergency response procedures.

Video production

The MSRC can also, with the help of its multidisciplinary navigation simulator, produce video clips of simulations (or illustrations) that can be used to communicate or "show" the project to maritime and environmental regulatory authorities, the public and other stakeholders in the community, as well as to partners and suppliers.

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