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  Geographical area and waterway design  


In addition to the twenty or so databases of geographical sites it already has, the MSRC has softwares available specifically designed to produce and bring up-to-date the integrated databases required for simulations.

Our programming team can build new geographical areas and waterways, as well as the necessary applications, such as radar files, navigational aids, ECDIS, etc. It is also possible to model and introduce, into existing databases, structures such as new quays in order to validate the safety of new navigation conditions for approaching, berthing, etc.

S-57 digital charts are imported directly into the modelling tool, and this ensures the optimal degree of precision of the site's mathematical structure. The resulting database is a three-dimensional computer model that faithfully reproduces the details of the site concerned, such as the bathymetry, the topography and any additional structures, such as buildings.

Furthermore, basic visual data have been provided by photographs and satellite images so that the modelling of the shores and any particularities not entered are accurately created. At that point, all the information is merged so as to produce a database accurately reflecting the physical site's visual aspect and profile.


Using the existing database or a new one built by the MSRC team, we can integrate infrastructures such as existing (or planned) harbour facilities for purposes of operational simulation and validation.

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