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Feasibility study for an oil-handling terminal

  Location : Strait of Canso, NS, Canada  
  Year : 2010  
  Client : Svitzer Canada Ltd.  
  Vessel Type : VLCC 300 000 T and ASD Tugs  

Svitzer Canada Ltd used the services of the Maritime Simulation and Resource Centre (MSRC) in order to determine the number and minimal capacity of tugboats needed to ensure safe and appropriate assistance for VLCC berthing and unberthing manoeuvres at its terminal.

Pilots from the Atlantic Pilotage Authority and tugboat captains from Svitzer Canada used all four bridges of the MSRC navigation simulator to conduct a series of simulations on various types of oil tankers assisted by 5,000 HP tugboats fitted with azimuthing podded propulsion (Z-drive).

The MSRC developed a geographic database for the site, integrating the currents used for simulations. 


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