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Study of ship manoeuvres for an oil-handling terminal

  Location : Quebec, Canada  
  Year : 2008  
  Client : Valero, (Ultramar Ltd.)  
  Vessel Type : Product Carrier with Tug  

Ultramar, a subsidiary of Valero Energy Corporation, used the services of the Maritime Simulation and Resource Centre (MSRC), located in Quebec City, in order to establish new berthing procedures in its port facilities.

The MSRC began by developing a complete geographic database for the site. It also converted some current fields predicted by means of digital modelling, showing the evolution of currents throughout the tidal cycle for spring tide and neap tide conditions. For each geo referenced point, 12 different vector values were assigned to reflect the dynamic current evolution during tidal cycles.

Then, in collaboration with pilots from the Corporation of Lower St. Lawrence Pilots, the MSRC conducted, using its full mission bridge simulator, a series of simulations designed to determine safe berthing procedures for oil tankers assisted by tugboats.


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