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ULTRA Large Containership Manoeuvring Study

  Location : Halifax  
  Year : 2013  
  Client : Halifax Port Authority  
  Vessel Type : 320 m and 367 m Containership maneuvering with 3 interactive ASD Tugs  
  Fairview Container Terminal in the Port of Halifax has recently been called on by Ultra-Large Post-PANAMAX containerships with a length overall of 320 metres and a potential maximum draught of 15.0 metres. These vessels are significantly larger than the 5500 TEU vessels which previously had been the largest vessels to transit the Halifax Narrows. To ensure the safe transit and proper handling of these vessels, the Port of Halifax solicited MSRC to perform a manoeuvring analysis to determine if vessels of this size could transit with an acceptable margin of under-keel clearance, if the existing tug escort policy was suitable for the larger ships, and also to determine if wind speed transit restrictions should be place on these ships.

A total of 24 simulation runs were conducted over a three day period with the Halifax pilots and Tug Masters. The primary test vessel was a 320 metre long container ship which was used for a total of 18 runs (10 inbound and 8 outbound) with the assistance of either two or three, 50 and 65 ton bollard pull Z-Drive tug boats. Additionally, 3 comparative inbound runs were conducted with a vessel 367 metres in length, and 3 outbound runs with a PANAMAX size vessel.

In 2014, at the request of th Atlantic Pilotage Authority (APA), the MSRC organized training sessions for pilots of the Port of Halifax and tug masters from Atlantic Towing Ltd.


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