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MSRC collaborates with the Mid St. Lawrence Pilots Corporation on simulator training for Post-Panamax vessels.

  Location : St. Lawrence River  
  Year : 2013  
  Client : Mid St.. Lawrence Pilots Corporation  
  Vessel Type : Post Panamax vessels  

During the last year, the MSRC and the Mid St. Lawrence Pilots Corporation (CPSLC) teamed up to train the 110 pilots of the Québec-Trois-Rivières and Trois-Rivières-Montréal districts to prepare for future transits and manoeuvring of Post-Panamax vessels.

The training exercises, developed jointly by the pilots themselves and MSRC expert staff, allowed the pilots to conduct exercises from separate, interacting ship bridges. The sophisticated simulation environment of the MSRC provided an accurate and reliable exercise platform with a high resemblance to reality.

The simulator training allowed the achievement of many goals:

  • Deal with the hydrodynamic forces created by Post-Panamax vessels, certain aspects related to their behaviour and manoeuvrability, as well as the constraints and operational limits brought about by this class of vessels;
  • Allow the pilots to familiarize themselves with the hydrodynamic forces created by the meeting and overtaking of these large vessels and the resulting operational limits;
  • Allow the pilots to take full measure of the interaction while meeting or overtaking that may result in very close-quarter situations and the risk of collision or grounding.

The feedback obtained from the pilots was very positive. Below are some of the comments collected after the simulations:

  • Quality of the exercises, relevancy and realism;
  • Well thought-out exercises, calling into play our experience and judgement;
  • Allowed us to obtain a broad perspective very quickly, very good training, well condensed and efficient. Very productive days;
  • Realism of the river currents and good interaction between the vessels;
  • Quality of the simulator, state-of-the-art equipment, competent staff, no wasted time, adequate and clean premises.

The MSRC has four separate complete ship bridges allowing full interacting simulations. The interaction simulations were conducted with Post-Panamax type models intended for future transits, as well as models of vessels already encountered in the river system.

Prior to the training, the staff of the MSRC:

  • Developed the geographical area of the two pilotage districts;
  • Converted and modeled current data pertaining to those pilotage districts;
  • Modeled exact vessel types as requested by the pilots for this very specific training.

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