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Manoeuvring Feasibility Study for Loaded Panamax Vessel

  Location : Quebec City  
  Year : 2014  
  Client : Valero  
  Vessel Type : Panamax with 2 ASD tugs  

In order to determine if Panamax type vessels, loaded to 12 meters draught, could depart safely from a newly dredged area in wind conditions at the upward limits established for the St. Romuald terminal, Valero mandated the Maritime Simulation and Resource Centre (MSRC) to do a series of simulated exercises with a Panamax type vessel assisted by two Z-Drive tugs, bollard pull 60 tons each.

The study has been conducted on the Kongsberg’s built Full Mission Simulator, Class A and DNV approved. It consists of a fully integrated bridge with modern instruments and an uninterrupted field of vision of 330° and 2 other simulation bridges were used for the tugs manned by 2 qualified tug masters.

MSRC’s own database development tool was used to modify the 3D database. ENCs were used for geo-referencing all pertinent aspects of marine navigation: terrain elevation, coast line and man-made structures. Satellite imagery and local photography were used to ensure that the visual scenery yielded an accurate area representation, including non-charted fixtures commonly used by experienced pilots.


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