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Training mandate awarded to MSRC by Fincantieri

  Location : Matane - Godbout - Baie-Comeau, Canada  
  Year : 2014  
  Client : Fincantieri Shipyards & STQ  
  Vessel Type : Ferry equipped with azimuth propellers (azipods)  

The training for masters of the new ferry of the Société des Traversiers du Québec (STQ) has been entrusted to the Marine Simulation and Resource Center (MSRC) by the well-known italian shipyard Fincantieri.

To accomplish this mandate to the full, the MSRC has developed the geographical training areas of the ports of Matane, Baie-Comeau and Godbout, as well as the modelling of the new ferry itself. These developments will allow the MSRC to create a training environment that closely matches the real-life conditions encountered by the ferry masters in their regular workplace. The instructors of the MSRC have prepared a training program aimed at developing expertise based on situations that closely resemble the operational reality of the ports in question.

The MSRC will keep the training areas and model up-to-date so that it can be used again for improvement sessions or the training of new masters.

With its latest state-of-the-art simulator, the MSRC allows pilots, masters and navigating officers to familiarize themselves with this new propulsion mode and become appraised of the advantages and limitations brought about by this new technology.

The MV F.A. Gauthier will be the first vessel in the STQ fleet to be equipped with azimuth propellers (azipods). This technology brings a radical change in the way ships are manoeuvered and forces masters to adopt new ways of doing things.

The Marine Simulation and Resource Centre (MSRC)

The MSRC’s mission is to ensure training and development for pilots belonging to the CLSLP and to share its expertise in simulation with other pilots and professionals in the maritime domain. The MSRC is an off-spin of the Corpration des pilotes du Bas Saint-Laurent (www.pilotesbsl.qc.ca).

La Société des traversiers du Québec

Since 1971, Société des traversiers du Québec (STQ) has played an important role by providing safe, efficient and dependable ferry services across Quebec for residents and visitors alike.



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