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Determining operational limits for ships manoeuvring at the McInnis Cement port terminal

  Location : Port-Daniel-Gascons, QC Canada  
  Year : 2016  
  Client : McInnis Cement Company  
  Vessel Type : Panamax and Seaway size bulk carriers  
  McInnis Cement entrusted the Maritime Simulation and Resource Centre (MSRC) to carry out a study to establish the operational limits for their planned port infrastructures in Port-Daniel, Canada.

The objectives of the study were:

  • Set the upper limit of winds for all dockings and departures;
  • Assess the performance of tugs under severe conditions of wind and sea state, and issue recommendations on what should be the size, type and power of tugs which should work at this dock;
  • Recommend navigation aids which should be installed;
  • Recommend the types of manoeuvres which could be undertaken by different types of ships, with or witout tugs, under differnet loading conditions depending on the wind strenght and direction, and depending on the characteristics of the swell and waves.

For this study, MSRC developed two types of ship models, the mathematical structure of the location's database, the new structures, coastline, bathymetry, navigational aids, etc. Current vectors and tidal cycles were also incorporated.


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