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Training for new Ferry equipped with Azimuthing Propulsion Systems

  Location : Tadoussac, Canada  
  Year : 2015  
  Client : Société des traversiers du Québec  
  Vessel Type : Double-ended Ferry equipped with Azimuthing Propulsion Systems  

During the course of 2015 and 2016, the «Société des traversiers du Québec» (STQ) will acquire new technologically advanced ships, thus very different from the technology used on their existing ferries. Safety is at the heart of STQ’s mission and operations. Consequently, we were looking at a good way to transit from the present technology to the newer ones.

MRSC has definitively answered our expectations. They succeeded in recreating on their navigation simulator, and as close as reality as it can be achieved, the navigation environment, the behavior of ships fitted with azimuthal propulsion system and the bridge equipment.

This partnership allowed us to properly prepare our officers prior to the arrival of these new ships, by offering a thorough training in docking and undocking maneuvers, numerous in our case, as well as familiarization with their new working environment fitted with equipment at the cutting edge of technology.

Our officers’ comments were unanimous; they were all impressed by the realism of the reproduced environment, developed specifically for their own needs, and by the realism of the ships’ maneuvers. But what impressed them the most is the MSRC’s staff expertise at all levels.

What contributed greatly to the training success is the context in which the simulations were carried out. They were conducive to exchanges between students and trainers therefore creating a favorable proximity.

This partnership will be continued in time as it represents an excellent preparedness step for all our future officers that will maneuver STQ’s ships.

François Bertrand, Operation Vice-President

Société des traversiers du Québec


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