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Manoeuvring Feasibility Analysis Saint John Westside Terminal Neo-PANAMAX Container Vessel

  Location : Port Saint John, NB Canada  
  Year : 2017  
  Client : Dillion Consulting Ltd. and Hatch Engineering  
  Vessel Type : Neo-PANAMAX container vessel  
  Dillion Consulting Ltd. and Hatch Engineering retained the services of the Maritime Simulation and Resource Centre (MSRC) to allow Port Saint John and Saint John Pilots to conduct real-time navigation simulations to determine the feasibility of a Neo-PANAMAX design container vessel (367m X 48.5m X 15.0 m) transiting the entry channel to the Port of Saint John, and turning in the basin at the north end of the harbour in order to berth at an expanded Westside Container Terminal.

More than 30 manoeuvres were conducted with the Neo-PANAMAX Design ship, a 7500 TEU container vessel with a LOA of 320 metres, and a 347 metre LOA cruise vessel. The tugs were also simulated using a model of the Atlantic Oak rated at 65 tonnes static bollard pull.

  • The study was conducted on the Kongsberg's built Full Mission Simulator, Class A and DNV approved;
  • MSRC's own database development tool was used to create a high-fidelity 3D geographical area model to include all aspects of the channel bathymetry and shore-side structures;
  • W.F. Baird & Associates Coastal Engineers Ltd. was retained by Dillon to undertake 3D hydrodynamic modelling (using the FVCOM model) to define the currents to be used in the navigation simulations.

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