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Maritime Simulation
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Our Simulators
Debriefing Room
Main Simulator
Desktop Own Ships
Azimuthing Podded Propulsion
Error Detection and Use of Advanced Radar Techniques in Restricted Waters
Electronic Chart Display & Information System (ECDIS)
Emergency Procedures
Bridge Resource Management (BRM)
Bridge Resource Management For Marine Pilots (BRM-P)
Escort Operations for Pilots
Engineering Projects
Geographical area and waterway design
Modelized ships
Accelerated-time simulation
Real-time simulation
Reports and data
Advanced training
Information medium – Scope of information
Recent Operational Research Projects
 Manoeuvring Feasibility Analysis Saint John Westside Terminal Neo-PANAMAX Container Vessel
 Manoeuvring Feasibility Study Berthing and Un-Berthing G3 Export Grain Terminal LYNNTERM West
 Determining operational limits for ships manoeuvring at the McInnis Cement port terminal
 Manoeuvring Feasibility Study: Berthing and unberthing Canada Place - Centerm Expansion
 Neo-PanamaxContainership First Narrows Transit - Centerm Berthing
 Entering and leaving St. John's harbour with a very large cruise vessel
 Training for new Ferry equipped with Azimuthing Propulsion Systems
 Navigation Simulation Study for a new marine oil terminal for SUEZMAX
 Real Time Simulation Petroleum Carriers to the Canaport LNG Dock Irving Oil – Canaport
 Manoeuvring Feasibility Study for LNG Vessels (Fraser River, Canada)
 Manoeuvring Feasibility Study for Loaded Panamax Vessel
 Training mandate awarded to MSRC by Fincantieri
 ULTRA Large Containership Manoeuvring Study
 Developing a Pilot Grade Own Ship Model
 MSRC collaborates with the Mid St. Lawrence Pilots Corporation on simulator training for Post-Panamax vessels.
 Manoeuvring Feasibility Study for an Oil Terminal
 Manoeuvring Feasibility Study for a Larger Vessel
 Study of Post Panamax Tankers manoeuvres for an oil-handling terminal
 Berthing and unberthing manoeuvres at a LNG terminal pier with tugboat assistance
 Manoeuvring Feasibility Study for an Oil Terminal
 Feasibility study for a new port infrastructure
 Feasibility study for an oil-handling terminal
 Development of an extended database
 Modelling of ports in the Canadian Arctic (under development)
 Feasibility Study for LNG Terminal
 Transits of Post-Panamax Ships on the St. Lawrence Waterway
 Manoeuvring Feasibility Study for a New Port Infrastructure
 Study of ship manoeuvres for an oil-handling terminal
 Tugboat evaluation project, Rio Tinto Alcan
 New pier for cruise ships in Saguenay (Saguenay River Fjord)
 Development of databases for the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway
 Feasibility study for a new port infrastructure for LNG carriers (Rabaska)
 Feasibility study for a new port infrastructure for LNG carriers (Cacouna)
Liquefied Natural Gas Project in Levis
A team with exceptional knowledge of ship handling and advanced navigational skills
The Canadian Naval Reserve utilizes the MSRC navigation simulators
A world-class training facility for pilots and mariners
One of the most comprehensive combinations of equipment, technology and pilotage expertise available in the world.
The MSRC has contributed to the achievement of our training objectives and improved the quality of our piloting services.
Ship Manoeuvres Proficiency Training for Pilots.
Saguenay Cruise Ship Wharf
Azipod Training
Study for New Tug
Port of Montreal Pilot Training
MSRC adds the Valleyfield Port to its Database
LNG Tanker Manoeuvres
Canadian Transportation Research Forum Annual Conference
Port Development Feasibility Study (Colombia)
Training for Pilots
It is a MUST for all pilots!
I was very impressed!!
One of the most amazing, reliable and comprehensive marine tests I have ever been professionally involved in, in my 20 years of experience
LNG Project Fraser River
Outstanding Full Bridge Simulator and Staff
Risk Assessment Review of the Second Narrows movement restricted area
MSRC provides world class training in a world class environment
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