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  A world-class training facility for pilots and mariners  

On behalf of my colleagues from the Great Lakes region, I am writing to congratulate the Corporation of Lower St-Lawrence Pilots on the excellent work it has done to establish a world-class training facility for pilots and mariners at the Maritime Simulation and Resource Centre in Quebec City.

As you know, Great Lakes marine pilots have been training at the Centre for the last years. The facility’s highly sophisticated equipment, which features some of the most advanced navigational tools in the world, has proven to be an integral component of their ongoing training program. Pilots appreciate the opportunity to refine their skills while using leading edge technology that simulates an array of scenarios that could not otherwise be rehearsed, such as complex ship-handling manoeuvres and emergency procedures. The Centre has dedicated much time and effort to developing a database that reflects conditions in the Great Lakes region in a very realistic manner, and the transfer of this information to state-of-the-art simulation technology represents unprecedented opportunities for pilot training.

I would also wish to underscore our members’ appreciation for the warm welcome, professionalism and attention to detail demonstrated at all times by the Centre’s management and instructors. 

Great Lakes marine pilots are pleased to have the Marine Simulation and Resource Centre as their prime training facility, and look forward to further strengthening this partnership in the years ahead.

Captain Mike Burgess
Canadian Marine Pilots' Association
Vice-President, Great Lakes Region

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