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  Ship Manoeuvres Proficiency Training for Pilots.  

Since its opening, the Maritime Simulation and Resource Centre (MSRC), run by the Corporation of Lower St. Lawrence Pilots, has been providing ship manoeuvres proficiency training to the pilots of the Great Lakes Pilotage Authority (GLPA). To meet our training needs, the MSRC has developed databases covering the St. Lawrence River from Montreal to Lake Ontario, the Detroit, St. Clair and St. Mary's Rivers, and a number of ports on the Great Lakes.

All our pilots who have trained at the MSRC agree on the quality of the facilities, the value of the training programs and the professionalism of the resources at their disposal. The GLPA is very satisfied with the results achieved so far and plans to continue using the services of the MSRC in the coming years.

The GLPA also called on the MSRC to develop an additional program to train its pilots in the performance of tug manoeuvres for accompanying ships that have lost propulsion. Our pilots have thus developed a further skill for dealing with this unusual but demanding situation.

Captain Daniel-R Trottier
Operations Director
Great Lakes Pilotage Authority

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