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  Saguenay Cruise Ship Wharf  

We used the MSRC’s services while designing and constructing a cruise ship wharf in Saguenay. We are currently finishing this major port engineering project, which is expected to be completed by December 2008.

Because of the bathymetry of the project site, we were forced to position the wharf at a difficult angle in relation to the direction of the prevailing winds. As cruise ships are sensitive to the effects of wind, we were concerned about berthing conditions, especially in bad weather when the wind might push the ship against the wharf and pose a threat. The simulations that the MSRC carried out for us, however, reassured us in this regard and let us know we were on the right track as we pursued our project.

Marc Drouin P. Eng. M. Sc.
Projects Director
Port and Marine Engineering
Roche Ltée, Ingénieurs-conseils

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