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On behalf of the Alcan Rio Tinto Port Facilities, I would like to thank you most enthusiastically for the services you provided to our organization.
The purpose of our request was to validate a bollard pull capacity study with a view to purchasing a new Z-Drive type tug. Our chief constraint was the evaluation of an irregular crosscurrent at the entrance to our port.
Your simulator’s ability to interchange certain parameters (tug power, current, water depth, wind velocity) was very useful. Following a number of tests, with the expert help of your trainer Capt. M.A. Fortin, who by the way is also one of our users, we were able to agree on the minimum requirement for our operations. Following this demonstration, with the MSRC’s report and the video recorded during our simulator tests, it was easy to demonstrate the need for this purchase to our organization while at the same time validating our first study.
I would also like to thank Capt. Alain Victor, Corvette Capt. Étienne Landry and yourself, Mr. Racicot, for the enthusiasm and promptness with which you handled our request.

Captain Richard Tremblay
Alcan Rio Tinto

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