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  The MSRC has provided a number of links to relevant Websites to help you complete your search or find out more about maritime topics of interest to you.

Quebec City, a Four Season Destination (Video)
Old Québec, a UNESCO world heritage treasure, is alive with history. See for yourself with a visit to the Fortifications of Québec and the Citadel, the city's two main defensive works. Moving from military history to religious history, take in the stunning Notre-Dame-de-Québec Basilica-Cathedral, the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, the Jesuits Chapel, and St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church. After stopping off at one of the city's many museums and interpretation centers, take a walking tour or a horse-drawn carriage ride to get a true feel for this unique historic district. Fine dining and shopping are an art form in Old Québec, particularly along rue Saint-Jean and rue Saint-Louis, where European charm adds a dash of flair to any outing.
Québec City Tourism (QCT)
Québec City Tourism (QCT) has over 1,000 members from the tourism industry and has been a department of the City of Québec administration since 2002.
Things to do in Quebec City
To the casual observer, Québec bears a striking resemblance to Europe, with its charming old buildings, cobblestone streets and imposing stone walls, not to mention the lilting sounds of the French language overheard everywhere you go. But the city has its own distinct character, born of hundreds of years of sometimes tumultuous history and a steadfast devotion to retaining its individuality. Historic sites are plentiful, and in fact the entire walled Vieux-Québec (Old City) has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. Outside the walls, visitors flock to historically significant spots such as the Plains d'Abraham, where French and British armies clashed during the Seven Years War (a.k.a. the French and Indian War). The area's rich cultural heritage is detailed in several of Québec's world-class museums, while the significance of religion is evident in the numerous beautiful churches around town. Visitors will also find an abundance of dining establishments that offer everything from quick bites like the peculiarly Québécois poutine (French fries topped with fresh cheese curds and brown gravy), to fine repasts at renowned restaurants such as Laurie Raphaël and L'Initiale.
Quebec has been named one of the world’s best holiday destinations
Quebec has been named one of the world’s best holiday destinations, and the combo of history, lights, snow and great shopping easily explain why. In December, Old Quebec turns into a real-life Christmas village. Visitors can stroll through the decorated streets, or take a guided historical tour that ends in a Christmas market. In face, Quebec features a variety of holiday markets, including European-inspired. Quebec also offers holiday foodie tours, and is home to one of the world’s seven Holy Doors.
Corporation of Lower Saint-Lawrence Pilots (CLSLP)
The pilots of the Corporation of Lower Saint Lawrence Pilots play a crucial role in the safety of maritime transportation on the Saint Lawrence River between Les Escoumins and Quebec City, as well as on the Saguenay River. Moreover, they are fully acquainted with the dangers inherent to this majestic and very important river: its shoals, its currents and its difficult navigating conditions, making their expertise essential for guiding any ship that transits the river. The Corporation administers its own education and training program to persons looking to become a pilot using, among other things, an ultramodern navigation simulator.
LANTEC Marine Inc. has developed an international reputation as a specialist in the application of the Kongsberg Polaris simulator product line to maritime simulation training, education and research. LANTEC’s business strength is its ability to assist clients in maximising the utility they derive from their simulation assets as a training tool both in traditional schoolhouse applications, for applied research and as tools to support self-paced study. LANTEC has developed diverse and innovative training packages and curriculum for the development of ship’s officers and navigation teams, both in the naval and commercial sectors.
Kongsberg Maritime Simulation Inc.
Kongsberg Maritime Simulation (KMS), a member of the KONGSBERG Group, is a leading supplier of advanced maritime simulators to both commercial and defence training markets, worldwide. The company provides proven solutions for a full range of operations, including: bridge; engine room; liquid cargo handling; thermal power plant; GMDSS; vessel traffic; crane; and web-enabled simulation.
Maritime Magazine
Maritime Magazine, now in its 15th year, has through the years proven to be Canada’s unique bilingual trade publication covering the Great Lakes/St. Lawrence region, the Atlantic and Pacific coast trades as well as the evolution in the Arctic shipping activities.
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