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Four candidates who trained with the MSRC for the apprentice pilot competition in Brazil passed their exams with flying colours


In December 2011, four candidates for the apprentice pilot competition in Brazil turned to the MSRC for training to prepare them for their simulation exam.


The training, lasting 4.5 days, was offered by the Maritime Simulation and Research Centre in Quebec City. The four candidates underwent an intense simulator training program given by Captain Christian Ouellet, an MSRC instructor, and Captain Benoît Nayet, a pilot with the Corporation of Lower St. Lawrence Pilots.


The candidates told us that they never could have hoped to receive training so well adapted to their needs. They really appreciated the professionalism and dedication of Captains Ouellet and Nayet. One of them told us that never in his career had he been treated so well by trainers. Another one added that, of all the courses he had taken, the one given by the MSRC was the most solid and intense he had ever had.


All four were unanimous in praising the professionalism of the MSRC instructors and personnel, the special treatment they were given, the quality of the simulation equipment and the welcoming environment of the Centre. They will not hesitate to recommend the MSRC to future candidates and all hope to return as pilots.


The results were more than telling as all four candidates passed their exams with flying colours. They are now apprentice pilots in various Brazilian pilotage districts. Below are some of the comments contained in an e-mail sent to us by one of the group on March 2:

  • It is with great joy that I have the pleasure to inform you that we have all been approved at the practical exam for Pilots;
  • Our training at MSRC was crucial for our success;
  • We all were approved to the “major leagues” harbors;
  • I told my colleagues about MSRC, and the difference in the quality of the course and in the commitment of the instructors, compared to other training centers;
  • We are sure that MSRC represented a great contribution to our success.

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