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Le Centre de simulation et d'expertise maritime offre des formations pour préparer les pilotes à la manoeuvre de navires Post Panamax.

Lire l'article publié dans la revue Safety at Sea:
Houston Pilots train for Post Panamax at MSRC (Safety at Sea, Oct. 2017, Fairplay.ihs.com)

Aussi sur: The Hellenic Shipping News, Port Technology, Maritime Executive, The Professional Mariner, Marine Link.

"We have challenges ahead of us. Simulation allows us to practice manoeuvres that we're going to do in our own channel which is extremely beneficial. Practicing these manoeuvres to get an idea of what we'll be faced with makes our jobs safer and easier.

Understanding the capabilities and abilities of the tugs were a key take-away from the course. When I step on the next-generation containership for the first time, I'm going to know I had some really good training at MSRC"

Captain Robert Shearon
Presiding Officer, Houston Pilots

"MSRC provides world class training in a world class environment. MSRC has developed a Neo Panamax containership class for the Houston Pilots that is now an approved course for our continuing education program. We very much appreciate their forward thinking and vision in developing a class that helps us navigate the challenges of these new vessels".

Captain Sean Arbogast
Vice President, Houston Pilots

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